Hunter Arts
General Use
Absolute Evasion
The hunter's body spins and evades attacks while retreating from the immediate area. Your weapon will always be sheathed after this technique.
Absolute Evasion: Battle Ready
The hunter's body spins and evades attacks while retreating from the immediate area. Your weapon will always be unsheathed after this technique, and a small amount of sharpness will be regained.
Heal Up
Increases healing item effect and speeds up red gauge recovery.
Escape Runner
No stamina loss for panic running or carrying eggs.
Hunter's Oasis
Allows you to set up a healing station which will heal hunters within its vicinity.
Perfect Combination
Increases combining quantity and success percentage for short period of time.
Frenzy Body
Infects yourself with the Frenzy Virus.
Metal Body
Lose ability to run, but monster attacks will not flinch you.
Diamond Body
Lose ability to run and evade, but you can no longer be flinched by anything (Excluding Roars, Wind and Tremors) and greatly increases your defense.
Phoenix Breath
Cures all status ailments and heals you.
Great Sword
Thrusting Earth Slash I
A powerful earth-grinding slash, swinging your blade upwards with a small shockwave.
Lion's Maw I
A technique that stores energy in your hunter and their blade. Your next attack will deal more damage.
Brimstone Slash I
Unleashes stored energy in a frightfully powerful slash. You cannot be knocked over during this move.
Long Sword
Sakura Spirit Slash I
A spinning slash, you lunge forward slashing twice with each hit leaving an extra slash. Hitting with either slash will level up your Spirit Gauge by 1 level.
Spirit Release Full Moon Slash I
When this Hunting Art is activated, along with the Spirit Gauge reaching maximum, the Spirit Release Full Moon Slash will keep your Spirit Gauge at MAX for a limited time.
Mirror Flower Stance I
This Hunting Art involves taking a special guarding stance. If attacked while in this stance, you will parry it and strike with a counter!
Sword and Shield
Blade Dance I
A powerful flurry of slashes, hitting 5 times with your sword.
Round Force I
A spin attack that slashes at targets surrounding you. During execution, you'll be invulnerable to monster attacks, making it an effective evasion technique.
Shoryugeki I
Smashes shield upwards after a slash attack. Fierce enough to Stun if it hits a monster's head.
Dual Blades
Bloody Wind Top I
A forward advancing combo that carves up your targets! You are able to change the direction of your advances twice during the move.
Soaring Heaven Splitter I
With this Hunter Art, utilize ledges to attack. Following the upward spinning slice, you will deal a severe blow.
Beast Mode: Ravenous Wolf I
Unleashing an inner power, you attack with fury with each attack hitting twice, greatly increasing their strength.
Spinning Meteor I
Spin the Hammer around with tremendous force before striking down your target with a super-charged attack.
Provoke I
Provokes a monster and for a limited time it will be more likely that it focuses its offensive on you!
Typhoon Trigger I
A fierce spinning attack, continuously spinning the hammer into a powerful swing.
Hunting Horn
Orchestra Soul I
This Hunter Art will play all the different songs your Hunting Horn can play all at once!
Sound Attack Tremor I
This Hunter Art involves playing the Hunting Horn with a pressurized shockwave! A very powerful attack!
Full Orchestra I
For a limited duration, you will have the ability to play double notes without hitting a monster!
Shield Assault I
Raise your shield and charge monsters while blocking. Capable of follow-up thrusts.
Screw Thrust I
Charging up a powerful attack, you thrust your lance forward creating a spiral shockwave.
Enraged Guard I
Raise your shield to absorb an attack's power. Block stronger attacks to absorb more power. Try it just before an attack hits you.
Supreme Mountain Wyvern's Fire I
Utilizing explosive energies, unleashing a swirling dose of hellfire in this terrifying Wyvern's Fire attack!
Blast Dash I
You launch yourself by firing your Gunlance in the opposite direction, sending you flying at high speeds. Slamming your Gunlance down during this causes a lot of damage.
Wyvern's Breath I
This Hunter Art brings the internal heat energy of the Gunlance to its highest point, allowing the heat gauge to stay at maximum for a limited time!
Switch Axe
Translash I
A combo of Axe Mode and Sword Mode strikes followed by an Elemental Discharge.
Demon Sword Mode I
Enhances the power inside your Sword Mode, granting it even more attack power.
Energy Charge I
Refills 80% of your Phial in either mode.
Charge Blade
Energy Blade I
Use the power charged in your phials to create a blade of energy. More phials means more power!
Over Limit I
Temporarily increase the maximum number of phials you can charge up to 7.
Healing Bottle I
For a limited duration, your phials are changed to heal yourself and others around you when you preform shield related attacks.
Insect Glaive
Extract Hunter I
Send out your Kinsect with incredible velocity, allowing it to draw all 3 Extracts in one shot.
Insect Clad I
Attract insects that stay around you and protect you by attacking anything that draws near you.
Soaring Insect Slash I
Slashes twice and then leaps using the Insect Glaive to strike down monsters. This Hunter Art is powered up greatly when used with the Insect Clad Hunter Art.
Light Bowgun
Bullet Geyser I
Propel backward while leaving an explosive shot on the ground for the approaching monster to get blasted with.
Full Load I
Loads all usable shots in your pouch into your Bowgun.
Rapid Heaven I
Allows you to rapid fire your rapid shots in fast succession until you run out.
Heavy Bowgun
Supernova I
A special shot that results in a massive mid-air explosion that affects a wide area.
Acceleration Shower I
A special shower that gives your hunter increased movement speed, lighter recoil and faster reloading speed.
Load Gunpowder I
Loads a special coating that increases the power of your shots.
Trinity Raven I
Fires 3 arrows at once twice, then loads another 3 and charges them up before firing for high damage.
Acceleration Rain I
A special shower that gives your hunter increased movement speed and charging speed.
Blade Wire I
Tie two arrows together with a wire and shoot them as a single shot that cuts like a blade.